Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lingerie, Daniel Cleaver and Flats

My word I feel unwell. Last night was brutial. It was a manly bonding sesson rather than a talking to girls night out, which was good as there hasn't been any of that for a while and it's important to get on with the people you work with.

The Lingerie show was a bit so-so. It was the launch of a new swimwear range for a very up-market brand but it wasn't terribly inspiring. The cocktails were good though which made up for it, and I drank an awful lot of them with the chaps. One of them had to leave early because he was disgustingly drunk but the rest of us continued on to another few bars ending up in some place in the middle of Soho at closing time.

I was not well this morning.

Today is a good day, even with an Clash of the Titans style hangover for the following reasons.

1) Last night a good friend mentioned in passing he is hunting for a flatmate. The flat is in a great area and is actually below my price range. I'm going to see it on Saturday.

2)Yesterday A said I was like Daniel Cleaver (of Bridget Jones fame), I'm taking that as a compliment. I get quite a few people saying that I remind them of Mr Grant, I think it is mostly the combination of floppy hair and the accent.

3) A and I were playing the truth game yesterday, it got very rude and I ended up making her blush when I asked her a specific question. The blush was all the answer I needed.


Kopaylopa said...

Oh come now... spill that question!!


tlsd said...

oh please... what on earth could it have been?

Louche said...

Oh it is was very rude, I couldn't possibly repeat it in a public forum.

She started it.