Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I'm still drunk from last night, my eyeballs feel warm, I have a hole in my trousers caused by a fork and I have wand that I stole off a magician.

It was a good night. Sadly the plan of talking to lots of other girls didn't really work as it wasn't really a night for that sort of thing. We were sat on a table and then we set about the two bottles of vodka we had been given.

I can remember kissing A to wish her happy birthday but no-tongues were involved so I don't think that really counts.

Also, and this is more shocking. One of the work experience girls came up to me and told me she knew I adored A, she could tell. Clearly I should work on being more subtle.

I'm going to go and find some painkillers now.


Madison said...

I read your blog and it's cool. I like it. You seem to be able to write in a way which makes me want to read more. Maybe it's the catchy blog title eh?

Louche said...

Why thank you.

SemiKim said...

Kiddo, you are in SERIOUS TROUBLE. Oh dear oh dear. Want me to track down the boyfriend and have him, ahem, removed for you?

tlsd said...

... if the work experience girl knows... then A must know... surely.

oooo yeah... send semikim after the bf fantastic idea... she can lure him away, thus rendering A available for some louche luuurve.

Ana Costa said...

Hello! I am Ana Costa, I am Portuguese and I have 15 years. I speak a little of English therefore is possible that you do not understand some things. blog stows to see yours and goes to be to the wait that you publish more things. I leave you a challenge: it goes to mine blog and tries to obtain to read some thing, although to be in portuguese. your blog it's cool!

Louche said...

SemiKim - tempting but I want to do this the right way in so far as one can.

tlsd - who knows eh?