Sunday, May 28, 2006

Karma, 16 pints and lazy Sunday afternoons.

I'm a firm believer in Karma. Or more specifically if you do nice things for people for no reason it tends to pay off, although that in itself is a reason I suppose.

I got this flat through Karma. Earlier this year I got a complete stranger a preview copy of a T.V. series because I could, nothing more than that. Then six months later they mention in passing (after we had become friends) that they needed a flatmate and suddenly my housing crisis is over.

I had my first night out in West Hampstead last night, we went to a great little pub and drank real ale from those special pint glasses with handles. I felt no small measure of pride that at the end of the night our bill was just '16 pints'. It was a good pub trip, I got enjoyably drunk and laughed a lot which is what going to the pub should be all about. Pubs are for drinking with chums, and bars are for talking to pretty girls.

I've had a lovely Sunday so far, I've been strolling around Hampstead, stopping for a coffee in one of the millions of places dotted around. Occasionally buying food from a myriad of little shops specialising in different things.

The sun is streaming in through the windows and I'm just to lounging on the sofa watching more episodes of Curb your Enthusiasm while eating feta cheese. I might go for a walk later to the heath.

It's all very nice, but I must admit I am slightly restless. I Would much rather be spending time with A. Everything I'm doing today would be so much more pleasant if I could do it with her.

Well there is always next weekend...

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