Monday, May 17, 2010

London and motorbikes

Last weekend was eventful. I had a bike for the weekend so I went down to London to catch up with old friends.

I'm sure I've spouted on about it before but riding a bike in London is something that might make you believe in a higher power. Riding a car in London is stressful because it's too busy and everyone is so aggressive but a motorbike is entirely different.

Motorbikes are slim so you can squeeze through spaces that a car can only dream of fitting through. Filtering means you can overtake almost anywhere and motorbikes can accellerate really fast, you will always get away from the lights first.

London is especially good because it's not really planned so the streets are all wiggly and strange. It is great fun to ride. I can happily spend whole days whizzing from one side to the other.

I was riding to see a chum on Sunday when an old lady dropped her handbag when leaving church. She hadn't noticed, so I pulled over to let her know and then stopped the traffic so I could get it for her from the road. This got me a nod from a policeman and made me feel like Batman.

On the way back from visiting this chum I stopped to see another chum and parked the bike up in a street. Some kids were watching and seemed a bit interested in the bike so I got a bit paranoid. I was only at my chum's place for about 5 or ten minutes but I kept looking out of the window to check on the bike. This was the right thing to do as I saw someone fiddling with it. The little git was trying to steal it.

We shouted from the window and they ran off but they had cut some wires so I was stranded in London with a broken bike. I let work know but got stupidly stressed about it all the same - I've only just been allowed to ride bikes again and I really didn't want to get told I couldn't anymore.

It turned out okay at work, I mean I did stop a bike being stolen. That's the thing to focus on. Still I got stupidly stressed about it all and had a massive head-ache all afternoon, so much so that I went and got some painkillers.

I really need a new job.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bodyweight Strength Training

I've been learning about Bodyweight Strength Training. Which is sort of like super manly yoga, in your pants.

I stumbled across it on Metafilter and now I'm going to try and do it. It's supposed to take months to build up your strength but I am very taken with the idea of being able to do single-hand handstands. That's a stupid goal to aim for, perfect.

I've also been applying for more jobs. No joy yet, but I think it's like dating website. You have to apply to lots before you find something really special.