Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well A was is in a better mood today, sadly this is because she is going to try and make things work with N. They are going to take a couple of weeks 'out' and see how things are.

Just when you think you are making some progress...


Kopaylopa said...

You are a boy on the end of a messed up girl yo-yo. Fascinating since me, and most of my friends are girls on the opposite end of a messed up boy yo-yo.... I'm sure the advice you don't want is just move on... you may need to consider it however.


Louche said...

You know, at the moment I am inclined to agree with you.

Which is a shame, a damn shame.

Kopaylopa said...

That's the trouble with such situations. It's ALWAYS a shame. But remember, you deserve someone who wants to be with you.


tlsd said...

God Damn K.

'remember, you deserve someone who wants to be with you.'
Do you use that line on everyone?


Its just always so bloody appropriate... sigh.

Louche said...

Don't be too damning, or you won't be invited to the wedding.