Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Elocution, Islington and waiting

Ah Tuesdays, they are rapidly becoming my favourite night out. I had to work late, which was okay, if rather dull. The working late I had to do involved hanging around and then clicking a mouse on two hour intervals. I really need to factor out that to someone else, or at least remember to bring a good book in.

After I had clicked the mouse for the final time that evening I scampered across London to Islington. A and I were going to see a gig of some band called Kapute. There were pretty good, although three songs into the set when I was thinking dark thoughts about their elocution, I realised that they were actually singing in German.

A spent most of the evening telling me the downsides of going out with her and we talked about relationships and what makes them work, then we went to a fun little Belgian place on Upper Street.

We had quite a serious chat as she was saying I always just make quips and asides when the conversation gets deep. So we had a 'grown-up' conversation. I found out her deepest fear is that she will never be really loved, I shared that mine was being blind, and unable to help my friends.

Deep eh?

Not much else to report really, although every time we say goodbye at the end of the evening the embrace lasts a little longer. This waiting for someone else to make the first move is very tiresome, how do women put up with it?


tlsd said...

Oh... so you didn't get the hint that the bf doesn't 'really' love her then... gees boy's .... sigh.

So much was said in that simple statement... He's not 'the one' then.


Louche said...

That was a hint? This is why I need girls around to decode all of this.

Louche said...

So should I read anything into when was going on about how she is terrible at breaking up with people?