Monday, May 01, 2006


Hitchin was interesting, I have met the entire set of A's sisters and her mother. It's a all female household, spotlessly clean with a naughty little cat padding about.

A's sisters are charming, whitty and open to silly conversations, especially about how crap men are. There was a good bit where we played spot the least eligible man, it nearly got me in a fight with a burly chap wearing lots of gold but I feel it was an acceptable level of risk for the amount of laughter.

I must admit I felt like a bit of an invader by coming here, it's a female run house (like my mother's) and my role here isn't quite defined - I need to do some heavy lifting or perhaps fix a shelf. Ideally some sort of terrorist attack would happen so I could foil it while wearing a roguishly grubbly vest.

As I'm sure you can guess from the tone there was no kiss last night (Saturday), the stakes just seemed too high (if it goes wrong working together would be horrible) - plus I have a genetic weakness which makes it very hard for me to hit on girls I really like. I'm just not sure what's happened to me, maybe because I'm not used to encountering girls with long-term potential, or maybe just like her too much. It's probably just that even with a sterling effort on the part of the bars, I wasn't that drunk.

Either way the boyfriend wasn't a factor in the lack of a performance, he was dull boyfriend type 4b - small wirey with sensible hair. Not the type I would have guessed for such a moxy girl like A. Why do interesting girls go out with rubbish men? Is there just a set amount of charm one is allowed in a couple? How do couples decide who gets it?

I need to focus in the present rather than just day-dreaming about introducing A to my vast network of cousins or taking her on the family shoot - not matter how adorable she would look in a borrowed riding coat. I'm already attached to her, strangely so it's not just that I want to kiss her, it's more that I want to be involved with her - note the use of Italics.

I'm just not sure how to play this so I will have to be confused of Chelsea for a bit longer. Suggestions are welcome.

On the plus side have lipstick on my collar, A put it there. I'm looking forward to wearing it on the train home like a louche badge of honour. Lipstick marks elevate the 'walk of shame' it to something else entirely, more of a triumphant march of pride. Oh yes, I'm going to be swaggering down the King's Road later.

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