Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last night, just the facts.

Number of chums in the pub - 5
Number of different ciders sampled my myself - 3
Number of pub quizzes entered last night - 1
Number of pub quizzes won last night - 1
Score at the end of the pub quiz - 38
Points awarded for recognising Eugine Levy - 1
Money won - £52 ( I think )
Number of dishes brought as part of the victory 'slap up meal' - 7
Ratio of women to men on our team - 1:2
Total number of 'sure fire' business ideas generated between rounds of the quiz - 3
Number of usages of the phrase 'Tenderly mopped' - 1
Percentage of the team who think that people who weren't alive when Kurt Cobain was alive don't really understand his importance, even if they wear a t-shirt with him on - 100%
Total uses of the word 'minky' - 5
Probability of flatmate putting on a pained expression when I get back to the flat (I'm in the library at the moment) and then telling me off while calling me 'doll' because I was home after curfew - 1


Clair said...

£62, actually. And there were six of us, surely? Sheesh, and to think I was the one who spent a lot of time under the table...

Louche said...

Yes there were six, I didn't count myself in that total.

£62 *whistles* I just hope we don't get corrupted by the money.

piqued said...

It was a jolly pleasent evening, nice to see you all

I think we should do that quiz every week and become well minted

Roszs Bif said...

I have now read about this pub quiz on three separate blogs and seen it referenced in two facebook status updates! The internets are eating themselves...

Jolly good show though people, £62 no less! In northern pub quizzes you win a bit of pie and a set of darts.

Nottingham's 'Mr Sex' said...

Winning score in my pub quiz last night - 28 1/2 out of 42. And the winners got a gallon of beer AND the chance to have their faces in the cover of the next ish of the local culture mag...

Louche said...

Piqued - It was cracking, yes lets do it again.

Ros - That is because you only read blogs to do with topical current events.

Notts Mr Sex - What sort of pose will you be striking on the cover of the magazine?