Tuesday, March 04, 2008

John Wilkes and resisting being rude.

I feel much better after having drinks in Blacks. It was my first trip there, I've been meaning to go for ages but every time something has been arranged I've been either distracted by a woman or the pub.

Now I've been to Blacks I must say that the experience of drinking a very decent bottle of plonk in front of a roaring fire in a secret boudoir with a chum is one I will definitely want to repeat. I may even go so far as to become a member.

It was a very agreeable evening and I even managed to resist the lure of going on to a separate even more exclusive club because I had to be back in time for the curfew. It wasn't just the curfew that was dragging me away from the fun, in the morning I had to help a friend through a photo shoot.

It was for a deeply silly piece I've been working on and as part of it some photographs of this friend had to be taken. She is a retired porn star, but through-out the shoot she kept striking poses that were inspired by her previous employment, she couldn't help but touch things she shouldn't really in a public place because that is what she did for years.

A man walked into a bench because he was so distracted by the way she was licking her coffee cup, which if you had seen it you would have understood. I was in fits of giggles the whole time but eventually we managed to get some photos that weren't filthy and I cooked her breakfast as a reward.

The rest of the morning has been spent reading about John Wilkes who is a marvellous sort and I think he may become one of my heroes. Also I've been involved in the planning of a new Operation, as part of Operation New Life.

This one is going to require daring do, outrageous audacity, colossal cunning and the luck of the devil. I bet Wilkes would have approved.


Roszs Bif said...

Wasn't John Wilkes a member of the Hellfire Club? All I know about them is that they used to get prostitutes in, and refer to them as 'nuns'.

Louche said...

Yes that's the chap, although he did do other note-worthy things as well.

Roszs Bif said...

Reknowned radical politician and writer of pornographic poetry. Neither of which are as good as smuggling prostitutes around by calling them nuns though.

Clair said...

Wilkes? 'Seditious libel', wasn't it?

I love Blacks; those dark little booths make even the most innnocent meeting seem like a tryst.

Louche said...

Ros - Have you ever smuggled members of a religious order?

Clair - It is exactly the sort of place for a tryst. Have you been lured there recently by some devilishly charming chap with intentions on your good name?

Clair said...

No, but I am very much open to offers, especially as I am tres stylish today, working a casual red-carpet look.