Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doing the Ritz

As most people know Cheltenham was cancelled. We only found about this when we were about half way there. This was after an hour or so of drinking on the 'luxury coach' so everyone was prepared for what would have been a hard days gambling, but it was not to be. I've never started on the Bucks Fizz before 7:30 before so that was a first.

By the time we got back into London we were feeling a little bit giggly, so the people brave enough to carry on drinking (Most of the Irish banking community) decided to go to the Ritz, and then a pub, and another pub and then some bar, and then the Wolseley.

It's 7pm and I am spent, I'm absolutely trashed. I'm not usually a fan of banking types but this Irish lot were extremely good fun and so we had a very merry time. It almost made up for the fact we didn't get to see any horses scampering around.

There is some big bash tomorrow, so I've got to get some sleep because while I may be a lush I do know how to pace myself. Or at least I like to pretend I do.

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