Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cocktails and healthy living

The single life is one of parties and cocktails. My day is neatly cut in two by supper. During the day I beaver away on various writing projects and in the evening I change into a fresh shirt and waistcoat (or possibly an entirely new outfit) and scamper off to some sort of meeting somewhere.

By meeting I mean my traditional form of event where I get terribly drunk with someone I fancy. Business related things happen, but in a rather relaxed way that involves a lot of cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails I had some very good passion fruit daiquiris last night which were fruity and potent so it was like drinking an alcoholic salad. I'm sure they count towards my five a day.

On the way home from the pub I took advantage of a twenty four hour shop to do some shopping. I must have been rather trashed at this point because I only brought things with Tea in the title (Tea, Tea cakes, Yorkshire tea cake, some Tea soap thing) or that were egg shaped. I can't remember the exact logic behind this but I followed it completely so I awoke surrounded by a cornicopia of egg shaped foods and tea related products.

I must say that while drunk Louche is a nice chap has some extremely questionable taste, but then if you had met most of my ex-girlfriends you would know that.


Amanda Castleman said...

Just imagine if you had encountered a Chinese tea egg:

The fusion of random drunken obsessions might short-circuited you entirely...

Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you still friends with your ex-girlfriends? I would guess that you are.

Louche said...

Amanda - It is lucky that the local 24 shop doesn't sell them. Although I want one now.

GB - Most of them yes, just because they aren't right for me doesn't make them bad people so we stay friends.

Well apart from a couple, they just are bad and not in a sexy way