Thursday, January 31, 2008

The View from the vale

I've managed to find one of the cables I was looking for so I can plug my camera phone into my computer. This means I can share photos with ease now but I'd still like to know where that other pesky cable is hiding.

Anyway, here are some photos of my grandmother's house for those readers who enjoy looking at almost sickeningly twee places. This photo was taken from the front garden which is mostly used for games of croquet and playing 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'.

The house has good gardens for playing all sorts of games that involve chasing cousins around or hide and seek and there is a pond on the other side of the house where whole generations of newts have been closely examined by family members over the years.

When you go in the main door you will notice the stick basket. Inside are a collection of mallets, shooting sticks and various other paraphinala. Most of the walking sticks are fairly pockmarked as they have been used as they have been involved in more than a few pirate style battles and rescues of princesses.

There is an archaic pair of wooden tennis racquets for use in the tennis court. The courts are grass ones and are played on perhaps three or four times a year. They used to be played on even less because my grandfather decided that around the tennis courts would be an excellent place to put some bee hives so any balls going out of play would result in an army of angry bees joining in the fun. The hives are gone now , but tennis always plays second fiddle to bothering newts.

This is a picture from the small drawing room that leads off the kitchen. I always liked this room when I was small because it was where you went to draw pictures of dragons and play with glue while still being comfortingly close to the adults talking in the kitchen. The Piano was only for accomplished players, amateurs were made to play the less good piano that lived in the barn. The barn isn't actually used for any farming related things, it's for having parties in and running around whooping. It's also full of cobwebs and scary pictures so it's excellent for making yourself scared on halloween.

The bear brings back lots of fond memories for me, it is a ride on bear with a cable you can pull to cause it to make bear noises. This pre-dates computer chips, and it looks like it pre-dates the British Empire. it's so old so I have no idea what produces the strange 'Wrough' noise it makes, it's probably some special device made out of ivory and panda hearts.

For some reason all the books in this room are French. I'm not sure why you would put only French books in a room where young types are allowed to play around with scissors and pens but there you go.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed this little tour down memory lane and into Dorset.


Clair said...

It appears that you grew up in an episode of Midsomer Murders. I'd love a go on the bear, but would probably be found dead slumped across it, having been beaten to death by a croquet mallet by a character played by Nigel Havers.

Sarah said...

Do you know I've always wondered about Midsomer murders.... why is no-one investigating Jersey Jim regarding the "fairly" high body count. It seems to me the policeman is trying to keep himself in a job...

Roszs Bif said...

I think this is an elaborate ruse to disguise the fact that you actually grew up on Hackney's famed 'murder mile'.

Clair said...

I like it when Guy Richie claims to have 'grown up in the East End', when he clearly means he 'grew up in the East Wing'.

Amanda Castleman said...

Those panda hearts are holding up rather well.

They just don't make toys like they used to, eh?


Louche said...

Clair - The bear is skill, everyone should go on the bear. My dad went to school with Nigel Havers but was always suspicious of him because he wouldn't join the motorbike club.

Sarah - It's a tiny village isn't it? The death rate must be one of the highest on the planet per head of population.

Ros - Does that mean you don't want to see my script about some diamond thieves?

Amanda - Only the best quality panda hearts get used in toys.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Love that wonder...."why you would put only French books in a room where young types are allowed to play around with scissors and pens."
Interesting ponder. Your grandmother`s house is lovely, Louche.