Friday, January 04, 2008

A tincture of laudanum helps the medicine go down

Being a homeless person is interesting. For a start as a person of currently no fixed abode sending out invoices for cheques is a bit tricky. Where would the cheque be sent? This is something that can be overcome with a bit of work - various people have already offered to be a postal address until I find a new place - but it's still a bit well, galling.

I think that tough times improve you, so any hardship is a valuable life lesson and to be fair I'm being homeless in quite a pleasant way. I've got a whole queue of people with willing sofa's to be used and so I'm almost doing a Grand Tour of the country. One where clean socks are treasured and maybe it might have been wise to pack slightly fewer waistcoats and slightly more underwear.

Now I have to furiously find one more person to inteview for a piece about property. Yes I'm writing about housing when I'm homeless.

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