Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things I will never do again

1) Cook fish in my new apartment. I made a fish and rice thingy using haddock. I felt an urge for rice, I was thinking about the book Empire of the Sun and that makes you yearn for the stuff. Although the book is about being a child prisoner of war in the far east it is really about rice. The first time I read it I spent the whole time in front of the stove, slowly stirring a pot of rice with a woodern spoon.

Anyway, I digress. The fish thing was pleasant enough but the damn smell of fish just won't leave the flat. It's a like the person at the end of a party who just won't leave no matter how much you yawn and change into your dressing gown.

2) Go out with a girl who says 'I don't like to win every arguement'. This is girl code for. 'I only date men who treat me like shit, if don't act like this I will be angry at you'.

3) Go to a gig to see a band only because I fancy the girl who told me about them. This band will always be loud and you won't be able to hear anything they are saying because the guitarist will have turned himself up too much in an effort to upstage the lead singer. Admittedly I've always ended up having at least an affair with a girl after she has introduced me to a band. So being partially deaf just seems to be rite of passage.

4) Refer to anything to do with sex as a 'rite of passage'

5) Hide in the library from fish smells.

6) Do blog entries that are lists.


Clair said...

The last time I had anything that could be described as a 'date' was when I went to see The Libertines (yes, THAT long ago), when the bloke I was with proceeded to ignore me in the pub beforehand, be nice to loads of homeless people in the streets of Brixton (he worked for a poncey charity), and then ignore me throughout the evening. He then said 'Nobody else wanted to come here with me', at which point I fucked off.

I hate The Libertines.

Louche said...

Did you see him again?

That was a bad first date, hold on a minute...