Sunday, January 20, 2008


I had a feature appear last week, I was learning to be a cowboy for a day. I wrote this feature a while ago but it only just appeared.

It has been pointed out to me by a couple of people that I managed to use the word naughty in the feature five times (and sneak it past the editor) which considering it's only a couple of pages long is pretty good going.

And you know what I'm rather proud of it, it strikes me as rather well, naughty.

This week I'm trying to get the word popinjay into a newspaper but who knows if it will sneak past the editor and sub-editors.


Amanda Castleman said...

1 point for "naughty" (multiple citations)
3 for "popinjay", certainly

But – sorry – I score at least a "4" for "gold-bricking," as evidenced in this Athens News in-joke (an unholy contaminato with The Big Lebowski):

"Edward John Trelawny - his swaggering, gold-bricking friend - made a much-publicised pilgrimage to Byron's body."

Anyone else in?

Louche said...

Let us see if I managed to get popinjay into the newspaper first. I'll find out at 4pm this afternoon.

But yes, challenge accepted.