Saturday, January 05, 2008

Steampunk Brighton

I went for a jolly long walk today, to think about things. Brighton is marvellous for walks because it has a beach to stroll along so you can look at the sea and ponder on the meaning of life and the stormy nature of relationships.

I went with a friend and we talked about fashion and how top hats and canes should be on the return and how there is something pleasing about cast iron in a way that is hard to define. More things should be made out of cast iron and copper piping. Brighton has echos of it's steampunk past, some of which are sadly discarded I think it should return to it's roots.

I must say I'm very taken with Brighton but I think I'm not finished with London yet. There are a few more things I need to do first. A few more adventures to have. I think that is what 2008 is going to be more me, the year of adventures.

Proper adventures, ones that become much loved anecdotes that are brought out on special occasions. Events that transform into mild urban legends so that when you meet someone new they say 'Oh, you're that Louche, the one who did the thing'.

That hasn't happened to me in a while and I think it's time for it to return.


Clair said...

I feel the same way, but since one epic night after I went to a fancy dress party as Bettie Page, which ended in a broken engagement and the words 'we found your knickers', I decided I never wanted to be that epic ever again...

honeymoon said...

talking of such things as iron and copper
the lovely sealife centre which has always had a very captain neno feel to it has below its floors huge copper tanks the original victorian ones that punp the water from the sea into all the tanks.
plus have you been to steam day at the enginerium in hove park?