Monday, January 07, 2008

The possibility of cheese

I walked past the British Museum today on the way to do some work. It was a slightly chilly morning where the sunlight had that lovely clear quality that makes everything seem extremely detailed.

It reminded me of a date, long long ago. Well not really a date, perhaps the first day as a couple with a girlfriend perhaps three or four years ago. We had met at a party, she had kissed me but I was too drunk to remember it and this caused some issues. When I finally overcame that problem we met up at a few interesting nights out and then when we were an item our first day together started at the British Museum. We walked around for a few hours looking at dead things and then strolled through London buying a range of cheeses and a scarf or two until we came to Fortnums. I got us a hamper and we took the number 22 back to Chelsea. This was in the days when you could hop on a proper routemaster anywhere you like and swish around London.

When we got back to the flat we ate while looking at the river and then, covered only in sun beams spent the rest of the day having quality time together.

That was a lovely day, and it reminded me of the nice thing about being single. The possiblity of having a day like that, and it could start at any point. You never know who is going to twist her ankle on the tube and you will just happen to have some ice cold champagne to help chill her injury (we dated for 3 months). Or who will ask you for directions and you will end up going for afternoon tea on the King's Road.

Possibilities, that's what things are about now, endless possibilities.

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