Friday, January 18, 2008

Penis Fatigue, Midnight cakes and infinite London

Last night I went out with a friend. She took me to see the the erotic exhibit at the Barbican. The exhibit was interesting but after a couple of hours I started to get penis fatigue and I really didn't want to see another representation of a man's rude bits.

There were some extremely good bits in the exhibit. The two video/slide installations are amazing. One is a very moving piece about couples that shows a series of photographs of couples doing couple things. It's a good mix of types of couples, a flighty teenage relationship, an intimate gay couple who are deeply involved and then a selection of families. I think all the couples featured are French so they spend a lot of the photos smoking and doing other spiky French things like smoking in the bath, or smoking while wearing cool tiger print pants.

The other installation is of a woman having an orgasm, it's a slow video of her face while some smashing opera plays in the background. It's an interesting piece that rather amusingly got my date extremely turned on. I didn't notice this and I just thought she was grumpy from looking at too many penises but she really was rushing out of the room before something happened that would be inappropriate.

After seeing all those winkies and reading about how an normal evening for Samuel Pepys involved reading some porn, having a wank, then chucking the book in the fireplace and then going out for a meal. It reminded me a little of someone else.

After the show we had a drink or two before the gauntlet was thrown down over my baking ability. I couldn't have someone disparaging my caking making skills, no matter how pretty they are. So we went to get ingredients and I made some nice cakes. I let my friend flavour them and we settled on a combination of orange peel, ginger and cinnamon. They turned out very well and the selection of flavours brilliantly offset the Lady Grey Tea we drank with them. This mix of flavouring has been named a 'Midnight cake' after the time of day when they were first invented.

After the baking I decided to make my way home to Putney on foot. I like walking through London and I've never tried walking to Putney before. I now know that Putney is almost infinitely far away from the centre of London. After about two hours of walking I felt my legs were about to fall off. Thankfully before I died of old age (but after about 3 and a half hours of walking) I finally got home and then collapsed on my bed. It wasn't a terribly productive day after that. I think I peaked with the cakes.


Sarah said...

Cake experimentation can be very rewarding. I can highly recommend a good dollop (about 1/3of a jar of Rose's) of lime marmalade in fruit cake mixture, gorgeously moist it will make it.

Louche said...

Ooh, I'll try that. What sort of fruit cake mix do you recommend?

I was messing around with a standard Victoria sponge, just because you can weigh it by hand if you happen to be in a house without scales.