Friday, January 11, 2008

London, pubs and laughing gas

Well the not-date last night was deeply entertaining. We went on a guided walk of the city of London, we were shown architectural curiosities, magic stones from Roman London and all sorts of weird and wonderful pubs. Yes pubs were a big part of the tour. I didn't realise how much of a big part of the tour they would be until it was too late. We drank in pubs older than America. There were even pubs that liked to pretend they were even older but as most of the centre of London was destroyed in 1666 they are typically Victoria or Edwardian fabrications.

I've taken ladies on different walking tours a few times. I think they are an excellent first date thing because they give you something to talk about and they turn London into a secret world of adventure. You walk down alleyways and lanes that you would swear didn't exist before. The tour guides are usually failed thespians so their delivery is good and while walking in between the points of interest you can make light conversation and silly remarks to each other.

After our tour had finished we went to a bar on Brick Lane for a few more drinks and had a very long conversation about feminism and the sex industry. I had to do a review of a nearby food place so we popped into it for some beigels and hard facts. Armed with our food we started walking in the vague direction of the tube but some how ended up in a huge bar with giant furniture drinking mojihtos.

Apparently some time passed and then we were in West London searching for a late night drinking venue to continue the evening, sadly they were all closed so we stumbled back to her flat instead and drank grass vodka and dark rum. After a few of these it seemed like a terribly good idea to try some laughing gas.

I'd not had much experience with the stuff but I thought I'd have a go. It was strange, you put the gas in a balloon and then breath in and out. Then your legs go all tingly and you feel awfully nice. Not laughing exactly but just rather spiffing. It was a new experience but I spent a lot of time afterwards fretting over if I was going to turn into some sort of Pete Doherty figure.

It some how ended up being 5am and since H had gone to bed long ago I was effectively homeless. The lady went on the date with said I could crash at her place, and being a bit of a formal sort I went to sleep on the sofa. Saying 'went to sleep' makes it sound a bit more formal and organised that it was, at some point I just stopped talking and fell over sideways.

It had been an awfully busy day.

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