Friday, January 25, 2008

Devon and Dorset

I've rushed off to the West Country. Not just because it's time for the yearly Family Shoot, but because my Grandmother is deeply unwell.

She is in hospital right now giving the nurses lectures on the correct way hold a fork which I'm taking as a good sign.

Anyway the shoot is tomorrow, so I have to go bed now.


Amanda Castleman said...

I had a grandma-unwell panic two weeks ago. She sunk to four stone 10, which is unbelievable, even for a wee old lady with a hunchback...

She bounced back wonderfully, after some ulcer medication (five stone 6 and counting!).

But it's always a hard situation. I ran around all moist-eyed. And most of my eminently practical friends pointed out, "well, she's 90..."

Yeah. But that doesn't quite dial the suckiness back to zero, does it?

Good luck with the stiff upper lip and all, Ax.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I hope you granny pulls through. Mind what you shoot - primates of all varieties are protected species.

Louche said...

Thanks for the support chaps and chapettes. I would pass on your messages to my Grandmother but I don't think she believes in the internet.

Amanda Castleman said...

Old-school grammaw! Mine is all wired up.

AC: You're a "silver surfer". Very cool. Are you making friends?
Grammy: Yes, I play cards with a pirate and parrot.