Sunday, January 20, 2008


Sunday's are a tricky day, do too much and you start the week tired. Do too little and a strange sense of guilt haunts you and ruins your evening of watching light entertainment while eating comfort food.

I'm not sure I got the balance right today. I finally sorted out my room so I feel decidedly more moved in but I have a sort of listless feeling, like I should be doing more. This is surprising because over the last few days I've done a lot, sorting out all sorts of elements of my life. So maybe not more, but at least something else.

This would be an excellent time to do a bit of baking, perhaps some biscuits but I'm awfully low on the specialist ingredients for them. In the time between me leaving my old flat and collecting my stuff all my baking supplies disappeared. I don't think this was malicious, just a mistake. Still there will always be more baking powder and cake cases.

Perhaps a bracing walk is what I need, nothing like a good stroll to sort out the mind and centre the spirit.

I've just noticed that the apparently pointless ornaments in the library have lids you can take off and spaces that are perfect for storing secret notes to be read by someone else in the manner of spies. I wonder who I can use them to communicate with?


Sarah said...

Perhaps you should check in those ornaments for missing baking supplies......

Louche said...

I will, I'll look for secret messages too.