Saturday, January 19, 2008

Must we?

I'm rapidly becoming of the opinion that 2008 is a fine, fine year. One a chap can't help to warm to. We shall not speak of the previous year, but this one is definitely a keeper.

My current tactic, or perhaps plan is more apt is to think of something excellent that has happened every day. It sounds a bit like something Pollyanna would do but I think one shouldn't think less of it for that. If you expect something excellent to happen every day, it's surprising how often it does. Even if it is just arriving at the bus stop on time or getting the last crumpet in the tea shop.

You wouldn't believe how strong the urge to break into song just then was. It's a good job I wasn't standing near an orchestra, and that my guitar is tucked away under my bed. Otherwise I would have sprung into technicolour and it would have all been over.

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