Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cakes and bakeability

Yes, I'm aware that pun of a title only works if you squint, give it the benefit of the doubt and are in a good mood.

I'm in a stressed mood. Various companies have decided that paying me isn't terribly high on their list of things to do and so I'm enjoying that special terror that freelancers get when you do a lot of work and then don't get paid. I'm sort of paralysed by it all, I can't write because I'm so stressed and currently I can't afford to go on a course which I would then review for a paper.

It's not just the papers fault, the publishers are being positively sluggish on the second part of my advance and another company who owe me a sizable chunk of change are being a bit crap with talk of 'Christmas messing up invoicing'.

Talk to the cuff links because the Louche ain't listening.

Since I'm so stressed I can't really do anything - I'm baking. This is an interesting form of baking because my ingredients are very limited at the moment. I have some oats so I thought I'd make some hardy flapjacks. Sadly Golden Syrup and any form of normal sugar are sadly lacking in the flat at the moment so they have been replaced with some strange honey I found and some vanilla sugar.

I'm hoping that these last minute changes to the recipe will improve it rather than destroy it. I hope so, I'm not sure I could take anymore stress right now.


Amanda Castleman said...

As a freelancer, I feel your pain, even if I can't bake for shite.

Louche said...

You should get some baking skills, it is a delight.

Amanda Castleman said...

My right-brain and rebel streak just can't get down with baking. Rules. Measurements. Eeeeeeek!

How's this for bad? When I was married, my mother taught my groom the ancestral focaccia recipe.

It really is hopeless. But – on the other hand – if it takes one's mind off late-paying clients, perhaps I should soldier onward...