Monday, January 14, 2008

Lifestyles of the louche and infamous

I'm still settling in which is code for half my life is still in suitcases and bags in the hallway but it is all good. Today I made my first visit to the library, In fact I'm in it right now typing away. Let me take a picture.

Right the picture you see now is almost live. Or at least it was when I typed this. I'm sat at the main table in the library but there are a good dozen others. It's a pretty large rom, I think it is a converted school hall - there is even a stage at the one end.

Behind me is a courtyard so you can take some air if you need to, it seems like a bit of a folly but since I don't have to look after it I think it is marvellous.

Let me take a picture of that too.
I took this photo near one of the windows so you can see the door from the library into the pointless courtyard.

Across the hall from the library is the residents gym which as far as I can tell is never used. Last time I poked my head around the door they were playing Phil Collins on the T.V. which is probably a warning sign. The idea of having a gym nearby is pleasant but as I can't find most of my socks, let alone anything for doing fitness related activities I think it will have to take a backseat some what while I get other more pressing matters organised.

Speaking of other matters the surrounding area is full of interestingly windy roads which would be ideal for riding motorbikes on. Perhaps Operation New Life should include finally doing my bike test and getting some road wheels?

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