Thursday, January 31, 2008

Battlestar Galactica, taxes and motorbikes

I'm not really one for going out with blondes. Sure I experimented with a few things at university but who didn't? It's not that they aren't beautiful but brunettes are the ones that really get my cravat into a twist.

I have a 'type' that is fairly well known to the point where my friend N says there are 'Louche Enabled' girls, in the same way that you get computers that can work with specific operating systems. Which makes it sound a bit creepy but what he is saying is that I have a type and mostly I stick to it.

Anyway, if you haven't seen Battlestar Galactica and you have at least some latent nerd genes you probably should as it's deeply enjoyable. If you are a high-brow type you could probably get away with watching it as a study how the paranoia of American socity is shown through it's science fiction.

Or you could watch it just to see the lovely Tricia Helfer be an evil robot lady. She wears lovely red dresses and swans around being dastidly. I don't think I really fancy her, but I do find her naughty character strangely compelling in a way that is against all the rules.

I don't normally ding-dong at blond ladies, but for her I do.

I'm trying to pay my taxes today, I really am but I've got some how caught up in the cogs of the system and I'm at total jam. Oh dear. I think I might try and get a sensible job again just to avoid this sort of nonsense.

Today is the day of the motorbike show. I would really like to go so I can go and look at bikes and possibly hassle the tired looking people at the stands for various bike magazines for work. Alas I will probably have to stay here and talk to people on the telephone about how I'd really love to pay some taxes and they can give me lots of different numbers to call so I can repeat myself endlessly.

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Amanda Castleman said...

Taxes always mess up ding-dong transmission. Proven fact.

(She is RATHER blonde. But I suppose chemicals could solve that, no? Or maybe the potency of evil blondeness carries the day?)