Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Eve

This is going to have to be a limited update as I've got to dash out again so I will just cover the basics and then do a longer version later (possibly).

Brighton was marvellous The Feminists live in an amazing flat full of strange and wonderful people who are a delight to be around. On the eve of the new year we made a huge meal including my special spicy bean stew and freshly made bread rolls then went out to a range of house parties before ending in a crowded house near the sea front to see in the new year. The chap in charge of the music put on the Final countdown by Europe at the appropriate time and everyone went suitably bananas when the clock struck. People also went bananas for my new suit, but that's really understandable, it is marvellous.

Anyway after lots of congratulating each other and hugging and me making a silent toast to my dad when no-one was looking we ambled on to a club. At about 4am I started to flag a bit so made my way back home to crash out in a room. The rest of the group were still going, but they had taken massive amounts of performance enhancing drugs so were whizzing around and gurning furiously while stamping their feet to the music.

The party moved back to the flat and so I sort of dozed in a room while a crazy house party went on. There is something very pleasant about hearing all the gigging and things while you drift about on the edge of sleep. After a few hours kip I rejoined the party and made everyone cookies to have with their morning cups of tea. People were still arriving at the party at 11am, ready for more fun.

At about mid-day I scampered off to meet an old friend I hadn't seen for five years and to go for a refreshing New Year's Day walk on the Devil's Dyke to catch up. It was lovely to see her again and talk about all sorts of nonsense. Mean while The Feminists took more drugs then went to a club. After my walk I returned to the flat but no-one was there so I met the crew in a club like something out of Blade Runner to pick up some keys so I could get at my laptop.

One of the work people had frantically called chasing up a couple of details and wanted to start the New Year with a 'can-do' attitude I needed to get at my computer to do some stuff. So I picked up the keys and also an extremely drunk man who I herded back to the flat - carrying him for the last few roads - to deposit him on a bed in one of the rooms and then after a brief shower I dived into work.

Now I'm going to meet some other Brighton friends for a quick coke (I really couldn't face a drink right now) and then I'm going to try and get more than three hours sleep because my visions going a bit funny and as hard core as I like to think I am I don't know if I can keep up with these loonies, especially considering they are cheating.

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