Sunday, June 04, 2006

What a lovely day.

I've had a great sunday. I woke up stupidly early so I decided to use my time wisely and cycled over to Hampstead Heath to do some exploring and some extreme hill climbing. I nearly fell off my bike when I took a root rather too fast with the intention of jumping and it provided much more of a lift than I expected, this caused me to cackle with the simple glee of not having spacked out all over the hill. I'm not sure what the other people in the park thought of me.

After a bit more hill climbing I zoomed home and had a shower before setting off to Spittlefield to meet some complete strangers.

Or actually not meet them, we arranged to do a 'cookie' drop like KGB style spies, I was told were the package was and went to retreve it. That part went well and then a strange chap asked me for my cookies. It was very surreal - it turned out he was a pal off the people so once the confusion had been settled we went for a stroll around the markets. It is so very pleasant when strangers turn out to be friends you just haven't met.

It was lovely I had some wonderful food and brought a loaf of bread which is making me drool just typing about it. I also got a t-shirt I saw that I knew A would love. I'm not proud of getting her gifts but it just happened. I will sit on it for a while until the right time comes to hand it over, like when she is single.

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