Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh what a night

Last night was strange.

I cycled home taking a new, much shorter route. It was turning out to be much faster so I was feelnig rather jolly. At Kensington Highstreet I came across a group of youths (7 or so 17-18 year-olds) engaging in a fight with belts, which was rather vicous. As I had my do gooder hat on I stepped in between the two groups and said

'Look chaps, what ever you are fighting over it's not worth it'

They got a bit shouty and waved belts at me but I didn't back down, so it all broke up and I went back on my way.

As I continued my journey zooming around the streets I was pondering if Karma did exist and if I would get some sort of pay back for my efforts when I felt a solid object hit me on the back of the head.

A chap in a passing van had thrown a waterbomb at my head half filled with builders sand and it knocked me for six. I can remember as I fell off my bike that I must not forget the liscence plate so I repeated it to myself as the pavement had an interaction with my face. Thankfully I was wearing the cycle helmet that everyone at work had been laughing at earlier and I didn't gain any additional marks.

I called the police and they wanted me to report it in my local police station which I will have to do today.

I managed to get home (still in fairly good time, apart from the crime this new route is much better) and I met up with my friend and showed her my flat, I wasn't in the mood for cooking so we ordered some food and wine to be delivered and had that. It was nice to catch up, and she only tried to kiss me twice which I thought was very restrained of her.


Kopaylopa said...

Holy crap!


Louche said...

Well yes.

tlsd said...

How are you?
Will you live?