Friday, June 09, 2006

The Omen

I went out last night to see the Omen with A, and L (who I work with, she is looks like one of the Corrs and has a lovely chap called Dan who came along too) we went to the pub for a quick drink after work and then went all the way to Islington to eat some food and see the film.

The food was so-so, my chicken was woefully over cooked but we had some very interesting conversations over supper. L is a firm beliver in that if relationships are a lot of work they aren't worth the effort, you could be missing out on good people. She got this point across to A rather strongly, citing specific examples of her previous misadventuers. She also said that you should go out with people you just get on with, in a really easy way. Like A and I do.

I don't know if A took it on board re: our situation but it can't hurt.

I cycled in to work today, it was fast and I didn't experience any crime at all which was jolly pleasant. I think I'm going to do some more cycling this weekend, it's having a wonderful effect on my figure which is very pleasing. I really should go and get some tight vests or something to show off all my new interesting bumps (the ones not on my head)

And I have new curtains and a throw for my bed. It's mildly disturbing how much soft furnishings can cheer a chap up. This weekend my room will make some big steps towards being presentable.


tlsd said...

... but was it any good?
The film that is... not the friend who tried to kiss you repeatedly.

Louche said...

It was terrible, really, really bad.

tlsd said...

ahhh... thought as much...