Thursday, June 01, 2006

Female friends, blindfolds and muffins.

Ah, Female friends are such a boon. Every chap should have a plethora of them to hand.

It is one of those magical things that one can always spot the problems and solutions in other people's relationships that makes people so handy to have around. Plus you can go shopping with female friends and they are unlikely to engage in competitive farting.

During this slightly confusing period with A my female chums have been invaluable. Women folk, I salute you.

I've managed to sort out my sleeping issues a bit more, thankfully I work in just the sort of office that has blindfolds just cast aside on desks. I have a very snazzy one now with 'that tickles' on it, which while also being rather becoming has the added benefit of meaning I shouldn't get woken up by the light streaming into my room at 5am. As a longer term solution one of the ladies in the office has some old navy curtains I can have so that should sort out the problem longer term.

I went for lunch with A and was perfectly pleasant. We talked about all sorts of things apart from relationships and then, when we returned tot he office she started throwing bits of muffin at me. Which quickly turned into a food-fight/light wrestling.

If I wasn't affecting an air of disinterest I would take that as a rather good sign.

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