Monday, January 02, 2006

I say, ding-dong.

2006 has been smashing so far. S was working at the club so she had to argue with people at the front about how they weren't coming in, even if 'Dave' said they could yesterday.

As she was busy I had some alone time in the club, which was an unusual experience, thankfully my old friend 'the bar' was there and I set about it in a workman like fashion drinking a wide selection of drinks.

After 1pm S was free to get drunk so she joined in the fun, we started with some vodka from a hip flask she was keeping in her stockings - I don't know why she had a hip flask but it was a very becoming place to keep it and it added an air of excitment to the proceedings, then we had some champers in one of the back rooms, until the owner of the club caught us and wasn't terribly impressed.

Some time later I realised I was showing all the signs of drunkness and decided it was time for me to go home. S had a load of people staying at her flat so she had to herd them about a bit. I hopped into a rape cab and returned home.

The next day (New Year's Day) I was not feeling very well at all, and made all sorts of never drinking again type comments and had to go for a walk to clear my head. Later on K (A good chum with fantastic legs) was taking me out for drinks so as she couldn't go out on NYE. I nearly cancelled on her because I was feeling so bad.

Much later on we met up and found a pub that was actually open so we could have a few drinks, she had some cocktails. I had fruit juice because I felt so bad. This didn't last long though as she was badgering me to drink while wearing an extremely low-cut top so it seemed rude to say no.

At about 10 the pub kicked out and she suggested rum cocktails back at mine, we stumbled home and made a jug of 'rum punch' which was made of a bottle of rum, some chambourd and all the fruit on the flat. It was very tasty, and very strong. K put on some Barry White (I have a bit on my Ipod) and then lit a candle I had in my room from when we had a power cut.

Several glasses of punch later K 'accidentally' spilled rum on her trousers and insisted on taking them off to dry on the radiator. She just happened to be wearing some very naughty pants from Agent P. At this point I started to get some suspicions that she had 'motives'. For the sake of decency I insisted she wore one of my smoking jackets while her trousers dried, she seemed a bit miffed by this but managed to find one (a smoking jacket) in a colour to match her pants which she proved by making me look at them and talking about the colours complimenting each other.

More drinking followed and her saying how I should have a copy of Twister for times like this. I couldn't quite work out exactly what she was suggesting, which I think was due to the rum.

Then she asked how to tie a cravat, I showed her and then she kissed me. It all got a bit naughty at this point. Some time later she ordered a cab went home and I went to sleep as I was ruinously drunk. K is a very cool young lady, I think she has a boyfriend though which makes the whole seduction thing a bit naughty.

The next morning I felt splendid, not even a trace of a hangover I will definitely be getting smashed on rum again.

Oh and I met S for an afternoon coffee today and then we went and looked at tiles, I still not entirely sure why she needed me there to look at tiles but it was a very educational experience and she had a fabulous new bag. I really do like S she is so much fun but I can't tell if she fancies me or justs likes having me around as a sort of Hetro-Gay Best Friend, clearly she just needs to spill rum on her trousers and everything will come together.

I am so pleased about having been seduced - it makes me smile even more then my new shoes.

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