Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bad, Bad, BAD.

Yesterday I was bad. I went and got drunk after a meeting instead of going back into the office and then I met up with K who was out drinking with some people we both know. I drank rather a lot and did some dancing. I have mentally decided that as pretty and fun as K is she is trouble, which probably makes me want to do the sex on her more but anyway. I have decided that we should stay friends and that is it, and she has a boyfriend so it is double bad.

This resolve lasted about an hour and twenty minutes, and it only lasted about that long because I met a new girl who was a friend of Henry's and we talked about Devon for a bit. She was very pleasant and then drunkenly told me that I was 'too good for K' for someone I had only just met I thought this was quite an observation, normally I stick to 'you have nice hair' at least for a bit before giving people advice like that. I suppose it wasn't 'You aren't good enough for K' which would be worse.

Then we went dancing in a club, bad but fun dancing. I danced with lots of people (okay I danced with lots of girls) and then shared a cab back with K, there may have been some kissing involved but I did go home alone which is good. One step at a time and all that.

I'm thinking of meeting up with S and doing something today, although I found out she has a 'sort of boyfriend' as well. I'm hoping this is just a phase I am going through - hanging around with other people's girlfriends isn't good for the soul.

If the Kenya lady I am meeting on Monday turns out to have a secret boyfriend I am going to just join the gays and be done with it. I wonder how one goes about that. I assume they have some sort of recruiting place where you can choose from a few different looks, like the Armed forces do.

Because I am so bad I am going to go into work now and do some bits and bobs, such is the awesome power of guilt, although I am going to reward myself with a visit to the Troubadour afterwards.

Gayest thing I did today - Brought the sound track to my Fair Lady.

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