Saturday, December 31, 2005

A very merry Christmas and a Gay new Year!

I spent all of Chrimble ill, yup sick. The pre-Christmas illness was a rather vicious headcold so I couldn't taste a thing and my vision went all funny, this taught me that chocolate isn't as nice if you can't taste it and that sprouts well they are about the same. I got some very gay shirts for Christmas, with matching socks from my mother, lilac is a hard colour to wear but I am looking forward to the challenge.

I had a brief interlude where I felt okay (which had the family shoot in it luckily) I wombled around the hills waving at pheasants and talking to rellies, it was lovely. For the evening meal I was sat on a table full of 'terribly suitably young ladies' half of whom had alice bands on. They were pleasant but rather dull, I mean dull as with out an edge at all. I had a few Great Aunts try and pair me off with a few of them and then I went home. It was nice but it seems the family are starting to get a bit worried about me...

After that I got gastric flu so I couldn't keep food down for about 3 days, this means I missed out on all the delicious variations on turkey post-Christmas and I lost a bit of weight. It was rather strange losing weight over Christmas, but I did grow a smashing beard.

I am back in London now, sans beard and typing before I go out on new years eve. I was going to stay in and watch telly in my pants (and there is still a chance I may) but S, whom I spent all of today with asked me to join her at the club she is working at.

Today was, as far as I had been told a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts (the exhibit on China) with 'the girls' - a load of very fun giggly girls who get that I am not actually gay and like the fact I can shop like at trooper etc. Anyway, it turned out to be just S and I, doing some shopping then some food then some more shopping and then some cocktails in Claridges. It felt very much like a date, which I think could be good, she is rather lovely and perhaps could change my opinion on blondes. One of her life goals is to have her bodyweight in underwear and she makes nipple tassels for a living, well more of a side-earner but what a fun one hey?

Anyway, I have decided that I am going to make Claridges one of my haunts, and now I must away to try out my new bath scent from Bliss before I get into my beautiful white linen suit with the lilac shirt + socks.

So I am going to see in 2006 dressed like a peacock and smelling a bit gay, just as things should be.


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