Friday, January 13, 2006

Signs you might be going crazy

I'm trying to get everything together to go down to Bath and meet my sister so we can both go to see my dad. The mad thing is the two things I keep thinking about is which shirt should I wear to meet my father for the first time and how exactly do I phrase the note to my flatmate about why I'm away this weekend.

Usually the note is

'Gone to Brighton to visit pals will be back on Sunday evening, feel free to eat the eggs'

And this time it has to be

'Gone to Wales to visit dad because he has cancer and is going to die, please don't tell anyone as he doesn't want my mother to find out. Oh and the milk went off so I binned it'

I think I want to wear my new lavender striped shirt but it isn't clean so I am going to delay my trip so I can have it ready. My white herringbone shirt isn't sharp enough for dealing with this sort of thing.

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