Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lets all take a moment...

...And think about the ladies.

They are marvelous, so many exciting parts and a capacity to shop. It is as if they were designed by a higher-power one who was pleased with us and wanted to give us a reward.

But a tricksy reward, like giving someone a candy bracelet but putting it on a stoat so it is hard to get. Watch the dancing mustelid leap around wearing it's bountiful bling of bonbons! One would have to be very cunning indeed to catch the stoat and get it's treats, just think of the feeling of accomplishment you would get afterwards.

As you may have gathered I am up to my eyeballs in drugs to try and conquer this dratted cold, and to make it worse my new coat hasn't arrived yet. Oh how I yearn for it and it's classic cut and superb silhouette.

Here is a Haiku dedicated to it.

Oh my winter coat
You make me smile with pleasure
like cherry blossom

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