Sunday, January 22, 2006


It was a fairly quiet weekend really. I did my traditional nothing on Saturday apart from read books and ponder important things like how to turn the last few disparate scraps of food in the flat into a meal. This worked rather well and allowed me to delay going to the shops for food for another day. I don't really like food shopping, and I can't really work out why. I like food, I like shopping so surely I should like food shopping. I think it might be down to all the couples that are always swanning around in the Supermarket when ever I go there.

On Sunday I finally strolled to the shops to get some essential supplies and some extra bits and bobs so I could make a mighty roast meal. Waitrose was on form and it had some cracking loonies in it, one was a man who talked to himself about how his 'machine was broken' and how it needed to go to 'machine heaven', I think he was talking about his trolly and there was an old lady there who smelled of wee.

I also used my Pedometer for the first time (I got it for Christmas off my mother) it's quite a snazzy one and includes a rape alarm, I can't imagine I when I will need the rape alarm but it certainly managed to wake me up when I turned it on by mistake at 8am trying to fit the batteries. The loud bleeping was very annoying and would probably kill anyones sex drive and thus save you from attack. Remember ladies if a chap is making advances and you can't be bothered with it all just make loud beeping noises.

I wore the Pedometer for most of today so I can inform you that I walked 11261 steps or 5.63 kilometers and burned 736 calories. Hurrah for needless knowledge! I am going to use it tomorrow as well to find out all sorts of dull information.

More importantly I have a sort of date with S, we were going to go ice skating but she has a bit of a bad back so I have to come up with something else that is.
iii)Makes me look sexy.
iv) Not terribly expensive, as I don't get paid until Friday.

I haven't worked out anything yet, a ghost walk could be fun if rather chilly. What I really need now is some sort of 'bat computer' in which I can just feed in all the requirements and it tells me exactly what I need to do.

Yup, tomorrow I need see if anyone has a bat computer I can borrow for the afternoon, and possibly a sidekick to feed in the details.

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