Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You got dreams...

I asked K to draw me a picture, so she drew us in a pub on New Years Day, as you can guess I am the Ginger Tom on the left. Yes I did wear a cravat, there is some significance to the leg on the right of the picture but it would take too long to explain it.

I'm listening to 9 to 5 on the radio, R (Northbysouthwest) said listen to Terry and I am a complete convert. I do everything R says, especially if she said jump off a cliff or drink lots of cider in the park until you are sick. Why did adults always ask as a counter to 'Well X said to do it' 'Would you jump off a cliff if X asked you to?' I never worked out a good reply to that.

I used to listen to radio 1 and that Chris chap would get me purely out of bed because I hate him so much. This is a much better way to start the day, not as good as waking up in bed with a lady and a having a well co-ordinated outfit waiting for you but pretty good either way.

Today I have a work road trip, we are hiring a car and going down to Somerset to give a company who do something for us chinese burns and noogies for being so crap. It means a whole day with out the interweb, and about 7 hours of driving. It also caused me to have about 40 minutes of abject terror when I tried to find the paper bit for my driving license.

Oh and everyone at work loves my new coat too, but they can't have it as it is my precious.

Right time to put on Macho Man and make the final trouser choice in the style of X factor.

'Macho macho man, I gotta be a macho macho man.'

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Roszs Bif said...

Hurrah for the Terry, he is a marvel. I listened to 9-5 this morning too. Oh the synchronicity. Oh the humanity. Say hello to Somerset for me.