Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh I say!

Today we had a meeting with a shocking announcement, monging around on the interwebs was banned as was using mobile phones. I think this is because no actual work had been done so far this year, which is bad.

I'm sure monging will return but I managed to get more done in a morning then I have in the last two weeks. Who would have imagined how much time one could free up just by not checking a load of websites constantly.

I think to make up for the banning of monging pizzas were brought for everyone, in a 'let them eat cake' sort of way. At first I thought it was outrageous that they tried to buy our favour with meat feasts and then I ate so much I am actually having a bit of a 'trouser incident'.

I need a nap in a chair, or in ideally on a Confidante (for those of you don't know much about 17th century French upholstery it is a large sofa with a triangular seat extending from the arms) with some soothing baroque music and a lap dog.

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