Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I say Watson, this girl is rather fun.

Well first telephone contact was established with the Kenya woman. It went rather well I thought considering all the wine I have drunk while watching a documentary on elephants.

It was a good conversation. We talked about how important is it get really drunk as much as possible, alternative art and having a chimp as a valet. For a while it seemed that a chimp would have been the perfect answer for ones butlering needs but alas the reality broke the dream. Which is probably for the best, I'm not sure that a simian would be able to project the correct amount of decorum when answering the door.

The result of this is that a lunch date has been arranged for Monday, in my most favourite of cafes. I do hope she appreciates it, the Troubadour is one of my non-negotiable things, I wouldn't give it up for anyone.

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