Monday, January 23, 2006

Safe, like a date but safer.

I am returned, and the fact that I am currently not engaged in rampant naughtiness is a subtle clue to how the date went. It was all jolly pleasant, we went on a ghost walk - not actually that scary but enjoyably informative and I saw some lovely parts of London. We bimbled along taking swigs from a hip-flask full of Vodka and enjoyed the tales of ghostly misadventures. Then we went to a pub for a drink and on to another rather strange pub for a meal.

It was all very 'nice' but I didn't get the impression it was terribly sexy. It was just 'safe' she was nice to spend time with but I rather suspect she didn't feel any va-va-voom. Still S is a lovely girl and one can never have too many female friends, especially pretty ones who have debauched adventures. And I did wear a rose in my button hole which might just be the start of a new tradition for me.

In other news a complete stranger (female) offered a holiday on the interweb for any chap who can write an amusing email to her. I sent one detailing a few mis-adventures and I am through to the next round. I am not entirely sure I want to go on a holiday with someone I don't know but it is fun to have someone new to send flirty emails too and I do like a challenge.

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