Monday, January 09, 2006

A love beyond time

My coat has arrived, and I am instantly in love. I didn't think I could love anything as much as my pale brown brogues but I do. It's so perfect, ideal for wearing to pubs in Hampstead to meet girls in pencil skirts and winter boots. That's the girls in pencil skirts, not me. I don't need to wear skirts as I have trousers now, but lets get back to talking about my coat.

I'm dancing around it in right now, it's so perfect. It has a cut like my old favourite coat but it is slightly softer around the edges, in a lovely chocolate fabric and so much more touchable. I bet it goes brilliantly with my new trouser selection (seven pairs of new trousers no less - I love the sales) but I should probably spend the rest of the evening working on looks just to be safe.

I also brought some new underwear at the weekend, my friend-who-I-have-now-been-a-bit-rude-with K has an excellent underwear a habit, as does S (Although much to my disappointment I haven't seen nearly enough evidence of this) so following their example I brought a few choice items. Including a lovely pair of pink jockey shorts.

This made me think a bit. My first pink shirt was a special moment, after that I made sure I had a selection of pink items but nothing like underwear. It is super gay but I think I will be able to carry it off if I wear it with a pink shirt + socks, that's not gay that's just style.

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