Monday, January 16, 2006

A time and a place for all things.

I had today off work, I emailed them and said I wanted a couple of days to sort out my head a bit. This ended up being a morning off as I was bored and the maid was going to show up which makes lounging on the sofa much less enjoyable.

So I strolled into work, I wasn't looking forward to the first day back. When you give people bad news about you then make that special expression, Their face goes like a crisp packet. It gets slightly wrinkled across the entire surface and their eyes get crinkly. I don't really like sympathy from people I don't know very well so tried to avoid as much Crisp Packet Face as possible. This involved being slightly blase about the whole thing, which was exactly the way I like to deal with it.

The way I see it a chap should only be passionate when with a woman or when about to jump from one ship to another and set about Frenchies or Pirates with a sword. I suppose one can be allowed the lesser passions of food, clothes and good drink but it is not quite the same thing is it?

What I am really saying is I don't like to be sad in front of people I don't know well, it is a side effect of being comparatively alone in Scotland when my parents marriage broke up combined with being raised to be terribly English.

S gets back from South Africa in a few days, which will be very jolly and on Wednesday I am going to a private viewing with K. I only have tonight and tomorrow free this week but the latter half of the week, packed with the promise of adventures and debauchery seems like an age away.

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