Friday, January 20, 2006


I had a morning meeting about things, and for two important questions I said 'I don't know', this was not approved of. Apparently you are not allowed to say 'I don't know' when asked important work related questions, who would have thought eh?

So I was called into a meeting with my boss, it was a serious meeting because he closed the door to his room and I thought I was going to get a bit of a telling off, but it didn't quite happen. He was a bit upset about me saying 'I don't know' and then we had a long chat about 'where I was going in the company' and then I walked out with a raise (back dated to the start of the year), and a contract for another pay rise in March.

I just don't understand it all, I wasn't even wearing my nice shoes.

On the girl front S is back in the country, Huzzah! K is 'confused about her feelings with me' and L (who has only just joined us in this unworthy tale) texted me at midnight asking me out tomorrow, this is fine but my phone got jolly excited by the whole thing and spent the next few hours bleeping away about it until I turned it off, pesky thing.

Thing is I don't know if I can really be bothered with the rituals of courtship at the moment, it all seems like a lot of effort.

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