Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's not a date

You see, if you and a girl go out for a meal and end up kissing before the after supper cocktails that is fine as long as it isn't a date. Because she doesn't want to go on dates, so it is a 'not date' and completely fine.

Saying that it was jolly good fun, it started off a bit sophisticated and then we got down to the serious work of getting drunk and talking about intellectual things like:
Having rats eat your feet when you are sleeping,
Good lies to say in bars,
Why being a private eye would be ace,
and of course pants.

It was a lovely evening, some-what spoiled by the fact K got on a bit of a downer because she had given some people a tip to gamble on and it hadn't gone as it should have. Of course everyone understands that with tips it is never a sure thing and they were being lovely via text about it she still was a bit upset for the people who lost money, bless her.

After that I went home and realised I was jolly drunk.

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