Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kenya lady becomes B.

Well the first meeting with Kenya lady (who will now been know as B) went jolly well. We went to the Troubadour shared a very nice bottle of wine and talked about how the outlawing of dueling was responsible for the collapse of polite society and that Camden should never be experienced with out some sort of sedative.

It was proper pub nonsense, 100% pure uncut. I love a bit of nonsense me. So this scored B valuable points, plus she doesn't appear to already have a boyfriend which is another plus.

As I write this we are co-ordinating a movie watching sesson at her flat on Sunday, she is going to be giving a lecture on 'Dirty Dancing and cultural implications of having the time of your life.' I'm going to be leading a seminar on 'The Adventures of Baron Munchousen, how true adventure starts with a frockcoat' Drinking will be involved and being on sofas. Which sounds suspiciously like a second date, which is because it is.

Last night I went to an art gallery thingy and drank lots of rosé with people I used to know, it was awfully pleasant and lots of old friendships were renewed through the medium of drinking so much your legs go numb.

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Roszs Bif said...

This is very exciting news. Looks like you are definitely a front runner. DON'T FUCK IT UP, MAAAAN. I want a lion from Kenya, please.