Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I pressed send before I was finished. I'm doing this on my phone as I make my way home. This picture is taken from the upper floor of the bus. It's almost live, or it will be if I don't take ages to post this.

Anyway, where was I. Yes the chap said the feature I wrote up might be in this Sunday and that they were going to have a meeting on Friday, after that he would give me a call.

Before I left I pitched some more ideas, he liked two of them as features and three of them as potential on-going sections. I have to research the features tomorrow and come up with some examples of the sections to prove it could be done.

So, I think it went okay, the day wasn't ideal for playing up to my strengths (coming up with ideas and writing them up fast) but I didn't do anything stupid.

I guess we will all find out on Friday. Oh and the title of the previous post was from The Princess Bride.


Anonymous said...

Cheering you on loudly!

(And I'm American, so you can just imagine how loud THAT must be!)

Louche said...

BigBouquet - Thanks