Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm just singing in the rain

Today is a good day. It couldn't fail to be after some job news I had yesterday. I've sort of stumbled into having my dream job, it's only a trial but they have said that they want to try me out first to see if I can do it and if it goes well there will be a full time job there for me.

This came completely out of no-where, I mean really from nothing and it still feels a bit well, unreal. It has made me offensively happy. Even with this military grade level of good cheer I couldn't do much to cheer up my chum who has just broken up with her chap. So I took her out for comfort food and beer, nothing like a bit of stodge and pints when you are feeling glum.

It was a proper serious relationship and everything so she is understandably upset. There must be something in the water as I've got a about a dozen chums who have split up in the last week. Which, on the positive side means there is an absolute plethora of pretty women available at the moment. The men of London (and other nearby places) have never had it so good.

I was supposed to be testing out some bikes this morning but they don't let you out when it is raining so I'll just have to run around the flat making 'bruum' noises instead, oh well.


The Topiary Cow said...

Woo-hoo! A Dream Job!

Cow has heard of such things, of course....but in reality?


(Cow quickly making a Topiary Triumphal Arch for Louche)


Anonymous said...

Daisy bedecking Cow's Topiary Triumphal Arch with, er, daisies and other posies.


(Though keep your voice down with the 'bru-uuming", lest flatmate object to the noise!)