Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The bathing habits of geese

The waiting continues, deadlines seem to have a terribly different meaning when you are in a position of power. So I just have to busy myself with other work while I wait. Well by other work I mean lounge around on a farm eating biscuits and watching geese slowly circuit around the grounds.

I like how the geese have a routine that they stick to, first thing in the morning they do a lap to see if anything new has happened. Then they take a morning bath followed by some stretching in the sun. A short patrol around the new orchard follows this where they spend a lot of time jabbing the grass with their beaks looking for slugs and other interesting animals to eat. At lunch time the alpha male goose 'Kipper Daddy' will rap his beak on the back door and demand some bread. The afternoon involves a few swims in the pond and a bit more stretching in the sun. As it starts to get dark the lap the grounds a few more times tweaking anything they can before going to bed. It's not a bad life being a goose here.

I bet they don't stress about waiting for news.

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