Monday, June 30, 2008

Cage fighting fops

Well, I think I may have just arranged my most dangerous assignment yet. Or at least the first part of the assignment, I've not actually got an editor to say yes but I have secured a place in a cage fight.

Yes, a proper cage fight in a competition. Now I've had a bit of training when it comes to fighting, but not for a while and nothing at this level. I mean really nothing anywhere close to this, so this will be one of the silliest things I've ever taken part in.

So if I do say yes - which is very likely provided I can find somewhere to write about - then I'm going to have to do a training montage and turn a slightly foppish chap with a nice snug waistcoat into a lean, mean, fighting machine.

Sounds like the start of an adventure to me, I do hope the editor I've pitched it to says yes.


scones with jam and cream said...

Dear Louche, here are some other suggestions for articles:
1) Hand-feeding sharks (while wearing a diving suit made of pate)
2)Diving off high buildings on to your head.
3)Volunteering as a knife-thrower's assistant.
Serously, though, shouldn't you take more care of yourself? Love scones

Mrs Pouncer said...

Dear Mr Louche, But what a coincidence! At Royal Ascot this year I was introduced to a Mr Whitear, who is, in his own words, an Extreme Fighter and who performs in a cage, sometimes in the Thames Valley. Mr Whitear could not be more charming, although his face is interestingly redistributed. Yes, you must pick up the gauntlet and not throw in the towel! (You see how easily I slip into the parlance of the pugilist?) Cordially etc

scones with jam and cream said...

Dear Mrs Pouncer, but don't you think it mihght be a mistake for Louche to have his face redistributed? Wouldn't his social life suffer if he had a broken nose, no teeth and one - or even two -cauliflower ears, not to speak of brain-damage? I just think if men are nice looking they should try to stay that way. (While, of course, not looking in the mirror too much.)Love scones

Anonymous said...

This explains why your sidebar lists:

Adventures (8)
Afternoon tea (6)

Hang up that waistcoat and off for more adventures!

Louche said...

Scones - These are excellent ideas, can I use them?

Mrs Pouncer - Does Mr Whitear speak fondly of cage fighting?

BigBouquet - Afternoon tea is also very important to me, so I'd hate to give that up.