Saturday, February 09, 2008

Volauvents and the nude lady.

Can an adult actress throw a decent supper party? This is the question I will be finding the answer to tonight. I'll be going to the new house of an ex-girlfriend. I remember her from her 'wild days' when she was an actress of some renoun. We dated for a while - when she was taking a career break - and although things didn't really work out we have stayed friends.

She wasn't the most domestic of people, she lived in a strange world of sports cars and properties around the globe. You find a lot of adult actors and actresses invest in property (the ones who don't get messed up by the experience) because they earn so much in a short time and then the place you buy can provide a steady income when you retire.

I have very fond memories of our dates, we always had some sort of adventure. Some slightly worrying but others very entertaining. Once ended up doing a photoshoot with her, by accident but that is a story for another time.

I'm glad that she has completely got out of that world before she got to messed up by it and she has found a nice chap who clearly adores her. I still can't imagine her making volauvents but perhaps there is a happy ending for us all?


Amanda Castleman said...

A friend once worked as a pimp in Oz, yet makes a superb carbonara.

There's hope for us all, really.

(Of course, he also dragged me to the playground, so he could drool at the hot mums. While I'm all for eye candy, I'm not sure it's healthy for his toddlers to be "beards"...)

Louche said...

When my little brother was tiny I used to take him to the park to meet girls. Sadly he has grown up and it doesn't work in quite the same way.

Amanda Castleman said...

The perfidy of sibs! Glad I don't have any, though that means I'm reliant on my own (meagre) pulling power...

Louche said...

Dogs are also good for meeting people, it's amazing how many people stop to talk to you when you are struggling with a naughty beagle.